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Josh Brolin Stocks up at Army & Navy Filming ‘Deadpool 2’💥

Cable was seen dragging two shopping carts out of the outdoor store in Canada 🛒

Josh Brolin arrived on set to film Deadpool 2 in a tight-fitting costume. The actor is set to play ‘Cable’ in the upcoming sequel filmed in Vancouver, Canada. Josh arrived and had his make-up touched up before filming the scenes downtown.

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The highly anticipated sequel is set to hit screen next year on June 1st and is the second film in the trilogy of the Deadpool franchise scheduled for production.

Deadpool Meet Cable Deadpool 2 Release date behind-the-scenes pictures
Deadpool Meet Cable! A new trailer has been released introducing John Brolin’s character, Cable to Deadpool! © Atlantic Images

Deadpool has been seen filming in the city all summer, check out more pictures of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool 

Cable was seen pushing two trolley loads full of gear that he had apparently stolen from Army and Navy, although it’s unclear if Brolin’s character plays a villain in the sequel.

Josh Brolin Cable Deadpool 2
Josh Brolin arrived on set to film ‘Deadpool’ 2 in a tight-fitting costume. The actor is set to play Cable in the upcoming sequel filmed in Vancouver, Canada. © Atlantic Images

Cable loaded the stolen merchandise into his beaten up pick up truck during the scene. In the original comic books, Cable is the telepathic son of Cyclops.

Josh Brolin Shopping at Army & Navy Filming Deadpool 2

Josh, 49 showed off his muscular physique in the shiny grey suit. We noticed he also had a green glove for the post-production CGI.

Josh Brolin Cable Deadpool 2
Josh wore a revealing shiny silver suit as he became Cable © Atlantic Images

Josh was also seen laughing with the crew as he had his make up touched up in-between takes.

VIDEO: Deadpool 2 (2018) Filming in Vancouver 

Ryan Reynolds was pictured filming scenes above where his character Deadpool dives into a Taxi as he flees from a charging crowd. Ryan returns to play Wade Wilson in the upcoming movie set for release next year (2018). 

Josh Brolin Trivia: Two days after getting the role in No Country For Old Men Brolin crashed his motorcycle in Los Angeles. He still managed to show up to start filming the movie two weeks later.


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