VIDEO: The Flash Season 4 Spoiler – Kord Industries Crime Scene ⚡️

Barry Allen may have to face the Blue Beetle in Season 4 🐞

The Flash was back filming in downtown Vancouver at The Queen Elizabeth Theatre which was made to look like Kord Industries. The Police were on the scene with reporters interviewing what looked like the crime scene investigators.

Fans have taken to forums to discuss The Flash coming head to head with Ted Kord, know as The Blue Beetle.

The Flash Season 4 Spoiler – Kord Industries Crime Scene

Supergirl was also seen filming crossover scenes with The Flash, Check out our exclusive pictures and video from the set:

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Blue Beetle Trivia: Theodore “Ted” Kord is actualy the second Blue Beetle, a superhero who was originally published by Charlton Comics and later DC Comics.

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