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I’m Off For A Coffee Mind My Mask: Ryan Reynolds Back Filming Deadpool ☕️

Ryan Reynolds & Zazie Beetz back on set after the tragic accident of stunt double Joi “SJ” Harris ?

Ryan Reynolds AKA Deadpool and Zazie Beetz AKA Domino were back on set of Deadpool 2 after the tragic accident of stunt double Joi “SJ” Harris who died while filming a dangerous motorbike scene on set in Vancouver, Canada.

Deadpool 2 Filming Vancouver Canada
Hey, mind my mask would you?! Ryan walks off with a coffee while an assistant jokingly puts it on! More FREE Celebrity Images on

Ryan and Zazie both paid tribute to the star on their social media accounts which can be read in full below. Ryan Reynolds had the iconic Deadpool suit back on and hilariously let one of the production crew wear his mask as he went off to drink a coffee!

Zazie Beetz who plays Domino was pictured getting her Afro touched up by some assistants before she went back to shooting.

VIDEO: Deadpool 2 Filming with Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin & Zazie Beetz

Josh Brolin was also on set filming scenes where his character Cable lies unconscious after an explosion under a bridge next to an upturned car. His character has visible battle scars across his face. See more of the pics here:

PICS: Deadpool 2 New Characters On Set: Cable And Domino Joined By Mystery Figures

Zazie Beetz posted a message on her Instagram account about the tragic stunt accident that killed Joi “SJ” Harris read:

On Monday we tragically lost one of our own — Joi SJ Harris. My heart has been breaking the past two days and I have been searching what to say or do,” she wrote. “I know that what I feel is nothing compared to what her loved ones, friends + family, are feeling. My heart and my love goes out to her and them all. The cast and crew send peace, healing, and their deepest condolences.

Deadpool 2 Filming Vancouver Canada Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds donned the Deadpool suit taking it easy wearing sunglasses on set – More FREE Celebrity Images on

Ryan Reynolds also posted a message:

Today, we tragically lost a member of our crew while filming Deadpool. We’re heartbroken, shocked, devastated… but recognize nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment. My heart pours out to them — along with each and every person she touched in this world.

Zazie Beetz Trivia: Zazie Beetz was actually born in Berlin Germany and her first appearance in a movie was Applesauce a 2015 horror comedy.

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