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Anna Kendrick Gets A Thanksgiving Visit From Boyfriend Ben Richardson👫

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress was pictured working in Canada over the Holiday

Anna Kendrick was seen working over the Thanksgiving weekend in Vancouver, Canada where they celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday earlier in the month. Anna looked happy to see Ben on set as she outstretched her arms before they held hands on the ice during filming in Vancouver. Anna Kendrick returned to filming the Christmas comedy ‘Noelle’ in downtown Vancouver at Robson Sq Ice Rink and was seen dressed head to toe in a festive outfit during the action scene on the ice.

Anna Kendrick Boyfriend Ben Richardson in Vancouver
Anna Kendrick gets a Thanksgiving Visit on ‘Noelle’ filmset from boyfriend Ben Richardson © Atlantic Images

Anna plays Nicole Claus, the daughter of Santa Claus and has to take over the family business after her brother, Bill Hader, pulls out of his obligations. The Disney film is set in Phoenix and is due to hit the screens Christmas, 2019.

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Anna Kendrick filmed scenes earlier in the week where she lay flat on an ice skating arena during filming the comedy Noelle in downtown Vancouver, Canada. Anna was seen picking herself up on an ice skating ring during the scene as skaters whizzed past her, check out all the pictures below:

PICS: Anna Kendrick Slips on Ice Filming Christmas Comedy Noelle

The Disney movie also stars SNL’s Bill Hader as Nicole’s brother and Shirley MacLaine who plays Nicole’s nanny ‘Elf Polly’. The plot revolves around Anna who plays Santa Claus’ daughter Nicole, taking over the family business after her father retires.

VIDEO: Anna Kendrick Plays ‘Nicole Claus’ in Upcoming Disney Christmas Movie

Anna was spotted filming scenes where she ran out of a building and chatted with her co-star Ben, during Christmas scenes filmed in Gas Town, Vancouver, Canada. Check out our You Tube Channel for more Behind-The-Scenes Video.

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