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Celebs Who Do The Christmas Shopping Themselves 🎄🛍

Forget the personal shoppers, assistants or ordering online…these celebs want to pick out the presents on their own ☃️

It’s nice to see some celebrities hitting the stores themselves as they forget the online shopping and decide to pick out some presents themselves!

Here’s a collection of celebs that were pictured in the festive spirit from our vast collection of celebrity pictures. Did you know you can use ANY of our images for use on your blog, publication, website or fan shrine? Check out our images by clicking above.

Arnold Schwarzenegger…I’ll Be Back…For That Christmas Tree!

Arnold Schwarzenegger showed he is just like everyone else as he was spotted picking out a Christmas Tree in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger checked out a Christmas Tree in Brentwood, Los Angeles! Check out all pics on our FREE gallery site

The former Governator also picked out some mistletoe and was seen carrying it to the checkout after pointing out the tree he wanted! It shows that even a legendary actor like Arnold takes time himself to pick out a festive tree every year. More Pics by clicking the picture below.

Arnie was joined by some friends and family as he picked out a Christmas Tree! More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

Jennifer Garner Handing Christmas Gifts To Her Friends

Jennifer Garner was spotted giving pals Christmas presents in the the middle of the street in the lead up to the holidays.

Jennifer Garner passed some nicely wrapped Christmas presents to her friends – More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

VIDEO: Jennifer Garner Gives Christmas Presents to Pals

The former Alias actress was spotted giving her two friends the beautifully wrapped gifts in Santa Monica. The two friends looked surprised and gave the actress a big hug to thank her.

Thanks for the gifts! Jennifer Garner hugged it out with her friends – More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

Marg Helgenberger Hits Rodeo Drive For Christmas Gifts

CSI actress Marg Helgenberger had a smile on her face as she hit Rodeo Drive for some Christmas retail therapy. She visited stores Cartier and Miu Miu and left carrying a huge bag from the latter. Wearing sunglasses, a sweater, jacket and jeans she looked to be enjoying some retail therapy.

Marg Helgenberger Christmas Shopping in Beverly Hills – More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

Mel B Shops For Christmas Decorations

Spice Girl Melanie Brown stepped out in Los Angeles, California with significantly lighter hair. The British star got into the holiday spirit shopping for Christmas decorations.

Mel B spotted looking at Christmas Baubles in LA! More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

Santa Baby! Paris Hilton Shops For Christmas Lingerie

Paris Hilton was spotted visiting the famous Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles either for some Christmas inspiration or for some eye-catching gifts!

Paris Hilton popped into Trashy Lingerie where Christmas Underwear on display! More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

Wearing a festive-inspired green hoodie and sweatpants, Paris also wore a Christmassy t-shirt that read “Santa Baby”!! Read more and see all the pics here: Santa Baby! Paris Hilton Goes Trashy For Christmas ??

Paris is a Santa Baby going shopping for Christmas Lingerie in Los Angeles! More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

He’s Not Really Scrooge…Bill Murray’s Christmas Outing

Legendary actor Bill Murray popped out for some Christmas shopping with “E.R.” actress Linda Cardellini. The pair visited the Mac and Lacoste stores at the Beverly Hills shopping centre. During the trip, Murray, who is rarely seen out in public and famous for starring in Scrooge, wore a pair of dark sunglasses.

Bill Murray hit the shops at Christmas with E.R actress Linda Cardellini – More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

Kate Beckinsale Pretty In Pink for Christmas

Kate Beckinsale looked pretty in pink as she confused onlookers leaving a Christmas store with a Halloween bag!

Kate Beckinsale hit the shops herself for some Christmas gifts! More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

Surrounded by Christmas trees and inflatable snowmen, the British actress was spotted leaving a Christmas themed Aahs store in Santa Monica with her assistant wearing a smart pink buttoned down jacket, a black skirt, matching stockings and knee high black boots. The Underworld star also wore her hair up and looked glamorous behind her oversized sunglasses.

Kate Beckinsale wore a stunning pink jacket Christmas jacket shopping in Los Angeles – More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

Finally, we might as well post one of our favorite Christmas adverts before we go. Google brought back the nostalgia with their ad featuring Macaulay Culkin, reprising his role as Kevin McCallister, in a comedic “remake” of the classic film. If you didn’t see it the first time check it out below.

Kevin McCallister is BACK! Home Alone With Google Assistant & How Great Commercial Was Made

Merry Christmas!!


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