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VIDEO: Justin Bieber & J Balvin Filming “La Bomba” 🎙

The pop super star showed off his moves dancing on stage of the music video 🕺

Justin Bieber and J Balvin were seen in coordinating pink and blue outfits, while driving a classic car on set in Miami, Florida. At first, Justin fashioned pink trousers and a basketball shirt with a white sun hat before then changing into some stripy trousers and shirt for the night shoot.

Between takes on set of “La Bomba”, Justin could be seen shooting tennis balls around with a hockey stick…well he is Canadian!

José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, known as J Balvin, is a Colombian reggaeton singer who also covered a Latino remix of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. He could be seen sitting high up on the back seat while Bieber was behind the wheel.

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Justin Bieber shows off his moves dancing on set of the music video "La Bomba" © The MEGA Agency
Justin Bieber shows off his moves dancing on set of the music video “La Bomba” © The MEGA Agency

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Later on, the pop star wore a dressing gown and gave himself a good tummy rub while being attending to his hair and makeup. Then Justin Bieber showed off his dance moves on the “La Bomba” stage twirling a couple of times with his hair slicked back!

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