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What A Gent! Tom Felton Takes His Mum Shopping! ?️

Tom Felton was spotted at the Sundance Film Festival without the typical entourage but arm in arm with his Mom! ?

Wearing a flowery winter jacket Tom Felton, who plays Julian Albert in The Flash, showed he was a great host by taking his mum to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. He is set to start in Ophelia with Daisy Ridley.

Tom Felton Mum mom in Flowery Jacket at the Sundance Film Festival
Follow me! Tom led his mom around the Sundance Film festival where she had nabbed a free Twitter beanie! More FREE Celebrity Images on

Ophelia is a movie that re-imagines Shakespeare’s Hamlet from Ophelia’s perspective.

Tom Felton Mum mom in Flowery Jacket at the Sundance Film Festival
Mum’s the word! Tom Felton led his Mom around Park City, Utah. What a gent! More FREE Celebrity Images on

Ophelia also stars Clive Owen, Naomi Watts, and George MacKay as Hamlet.

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