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5 Reasons Why Celebrity Brides Are Choosing Jumpsuits Over Dresses On Their Wedding Day 👰

Kaley Cuoco clearly enjoying her choice of a jumpsuit on her big day 💍

If you keep up with any of the wedding fashion trends, then chances are you’ve seen jumpsuits gaining more and more popularity. The idea of being a modern bride is being embraced by more women and there’s a reason these brides are opting for a white jumpsuit rather than a ball gown wedding dress.

There are many celebrities like Vogue Williams, Marie Chevallier, Michelle Hardwick, Sophie Turner, Billie Faiers, Amal Clooney, Kaley Cuoco, and Solange Knowles did not have a hard time choosing jumpsuits over any other traditional wedding dresses because of its multifunctionality, comfort, style, modern vibe, and endless options to choose from.

Even then, brides-to-be are finding themselves in this on-going debate about whether or not they should really skip the wedding dress for a bridal jumpsuit.

Here are 5 reasons why brides are choosing jumpsuits over dresses for their wedding day.


One of the main reasons more and more brides are choosing to go for the jumpsuit than the wedding gown is because of the versatility that comes with it. Jumpsuits serve as multifunctional outfits. They’re elegant enough to be worn on your wedding day, but also can be dressed down with a blazer for that holiday work party. Jumpsuits are unique and an easy one-piece alternative to a wedding dress. Some jumpsuits also come with skirts that attach at the waistline to give you the appearance of wearing a dress for the ceremony and jumpsuit pants for the reception.

Amber Heard wore this stunning eye-catching mint green colored satin jumpsuit with polka dots and an exposed back as she attended a formal event with partner Vito Schnabel – More FREE Celebrity images on


There’s no doubt that jumpsuits are more comfortable than a dress. Wedding gowns are known to get uncomfortably hot and sometimes hard to move in if you’re wearing a form fitting, skin tight mermaid dress.

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Jumpsuits are lightweight enough, so you won’t get hot and they’re comfortable enough, so you don’t have to worry about revealing anything while breaking it down on the dance floor. Lastly, being in a jumpsuit offers you the luxury of using the restroom by yourself.

The number one complaint brides have with their wedding dress is that if they need to use the bathroom, they also need their bridal party’s help to hold up the gown. With a jumpsuit you can use the bathroom comfortably by yourself.

Priyanka Chopra wore a custom Ralph Lauren wedding gown with a reported 2,390,000 mother of pearl sequins and in the video below.

She then changed into a lehenga choli (a traditional Indian skirt and blouse) from label Falguni Shane Peacock and needed assistance posing for photographers.

VIDEO: Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Tie the Knot in India – NAMASTE!


Wearing a jumpsuit on your wedding day will still give you that “wow” moment as you come down the aisle. They’re stylish and up to date with the latest fashion trends. Just about every well-known wedding magazine highlights the style that a bridal jumpsuit can have on your appearance as a bride on the big day. They’re elegant and flattering all at the same time. Don’t be afraid to find a bridal jumpsuit that is embroidered or has a lace trim. Adding a few touches to the jumpsuit will bring the total look together and make you feel even more like a bride even in a jumpsuit.

Hailey Beiber was spotted in a white backless jumpsuit leaving a photoshoot in Hollywood, Los Angeles. While she wasn’t walking down the aisle you get the idea of how a stylish white jumpsuit gives off the “wow” factor.

VIDEO: Hailey Beiber Wearing White Jumpsuit in Los Angeles.


Opting to wear a jumpsuit on your wedding day is definitely not for the traditional bride. It’s a modern take on what a bride should or shouldn’t wear. Bridal jumpsuits are modern, sophisticated, and elegant. They’re simple and minimal. Most brides who wear a wedding dress end up pulling the bottom of the dress up, known as bustling, but with a jumpsuit this traditional extra step isn’t necessary. Consider it a modern bride perk.

Kate Beckinsale turned up to an event with her then husband Len Wiseman in a stunning purple silk jumpsuit. The British actress turned heads in her DVF jumpsuit with Christian Louboutin heels. More FREE Celebrity pics on


The style options that come with choosing a jumpsuit are endless. The fabric ranges from silk to satin to lace and the styles can be anything you’ve ever wanted. With a jumpsuit you can have the plunging neckline or over-the-shoulder look you wanted to go for. There are options for sleeve lengths and fun accessories like a sparkly belt. As mentioned before, jumpsuits also come with the option of including a skirt attachment if you’re wanting the best of both worlds.

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