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Conor McGregor Extreme Training Routines & Incredible Balancing Act! 🤸‍♂️

The Irish UFC and Boxer gave fans a glimpse of his amazing training routines

Conor McGregor showed off his amazing balancing skills as he trained in Los Angeles. The Irish fighter was seen training with a coach balancing on a public rail!

UFC Boxing Fighter Conor McGregor Training in LA © Atlantic Images
UFC Boxing Fighter Conor McGregor Training in LA © Atlantic Images

McGregor was also seen training on ring pulls in the park with his martial arts trainer, before showing off some impressive balancing skills as he walked across a metal rail barefoot.

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Onlookers stopped to check out McGregor’s progress during the training session as they were given a rare glimpse into the athlete’s training regime. 

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Conor McGregor Trivia: Conor McGregor’s nickname is ‘The Notorious’ and also goes by the nickname ‘The Celtic Tiger’. He even has a massive Tiger Tattoo on his belly!

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