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Merry Christmas from our team at Celebrity WotNot and may your New Year be filled with our FREE Celebrity pictures!

Merry Christmas! We're giving away all our Celebrity Pics for Free! Check out our gallery website
Merry Christmas! We’re giving away all our Celebrity Pics for Free! Check out our gallery website

ALL of our Images are FREE To Use for Personal, Editorial or Educational purposes with our Watermark AND Link To or any Celebrity WotNot Social Media Account / Story / Post / Gallery. Remember to credit us, tag us and tell people about our Free service.

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Free Celebrity Pics! Check out how it works at
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Written by CK Whittle

Manchester, Los Angeles, London, Vancouver and Cornwall. Senior Editor at Celeb WotNot and firm believer that chips belong in a fry-up.

His father founded one of the biggest news agencies in Britain and this excitable Mancunian is following in his footsteps.


Kendall Jenner Fai Khadra in Boyfriend Girlfriend Rumors Pictured her on a Jet ski © The MEGA Agency

VIDEO: Kendall Jenner & Fai Khadra Get Close On Jet Ski ✈️⛷

Lottie Tomlinson " flaunts her pert derriere in thong swimsuit during sunkissed Barbados break" according to the Mail Online © The MEGA Agency

VIDEO: Louis Tomlinson’s Sister Lottie Tomlinson In Barbados Break ☀️