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“Lovely Baubles You Have There.” Robbie Williams Decorates His Christmas Tree With His Own Face 🎄

Lego Robbie also helped out with the Festive Fun! ?

Robbie Williams fans can now spend the festive season with him – as long as they don’t mind it being in the form of a Christmas decoration.

The cheeky crooner posted a photo to his Instagram account of a tree decorated entirely in baubles with his own face plastered on them.

Robbie teased the decorations by captioning the photo: “Lovely baubles you have there.”

Despite the fact it wasn’t clear whether the ornaments were authentic or if he’d photoshopped his face onto them, his Instagram followers went wild for them.

Many asked where they could get them, while others expressed their “love” for the decor. He also followed up the post with another picture of him dressed as an Elf!

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Meanwhile on the much loved official Lego Robbie Instagram account a tattooed, shirtless lego version of the singer was also decorating a plastic tree.

We can’t decide which we like better! What do you think?

Robbie Williams Trivia: Robbie Williams supports Port Vale FC and his own team in Los Angeles was called LA Vale FC.

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