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Audrina Patridge Shows Off Her Bikini Body On The Beach! 👙

The Hills star was seen wearing a tiny bikini in Santa Monica, Los Angeles ☀️

Audrina Patridge showed off her toned and tanned bikini body as she spent a day having fun on the beach with her friends in Santa Monica.

Audrina Patridge showed off her bikini body in this blue bikini top and colorful bikini bottoms – More FREE Celebrity Pics at CelebrityWotNot.Photos

The reality TV star was taking part in a photoshoot as she laughed and joked around in the sand. Audrina’s friend even performed a somersault in front of her as The Hills actress looked on.

Audrina Patridge showed off her toned and tanned bikini body – More Free photos at

We were hoping that Audrina might attempt the somersault herself but the model and now fashion designer decided that clapping and laughing was the safest bet.

Audrina stood and watched her friend do a somersault on the beach during a photoshoot! Moree FREE images on

Audrina recently reunited with her fellow cast mates on The Hills for a 10-year anniversary photo shoot and Q&A for Rolling Stone magazine below.

Audrina Patridge The Hill Photo Shoot
Audrina Patridge poses with The Hills castmates for a 10-year anniversary shoot for Rolling Stone. Photo Courtesy of @audrinapatridge / Instagram

Audrina was also joined by her Mom, Lynn Patridge, on the beach for the swimsuit photoshoot. Lynn also looked in great shape wearing a dark one piece swimsuit.

Like mother like daughter! Lynn Patridge joined Audrina for the beach bikini photoshoot – More FREE images on

Audrina recently became a Mom herself, giving birth to a daughter named Kirra. Read the news here: The Hills Audrina Patridge Gives Birth Baby Girl

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Audrina Patridge Trivia: Audrina Patridge had lead roles in the horror film Sorority Row (2009) and Into the Blue 2: The Reef (2011)

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