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Leonardo DiCaprio gets the Perfect Selfie in Venice Beach, CA ๐Ÿคณ

Leo was spotted wearing shorts and a flat cap as he adjusted his hair for the pic!

The Revenant actor Leonardo DiCaprio was seen hanging out with a group of friends in Venice Beach, Los Angeles and taking a selfie!

Leonardo DiCaprio Selfie Flat Cap Fashion Venice Beach Disguise Beard
Leonardo DiCaprio spotted tidying his hair up before he took a selfie in Venice Beach! ยฉ Atlantic Images

Spotted wearing a flat cap and shorts with a huge beard as he was seen walking back to his friend’s car. He thenย appeared to be trying to take a “selfie” as he held his iPhone up and looked into it, adjusting his cap.

VIDEO: Leonardo DiCaprio gets the Perfect Selfie in Venice Beach, Ca

Leonardo DiCaprio Trivia: Leonardo DiCaprio appeared as a contestant on Fun Houseย (video below) which was a game show where stunts were performed. His task involved trying to catch fish in a small pool with only his teeth!


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