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VIDEO: Snoop Lion Films A Commercial on Venice Beach 🐕🦁

‘All Hail The King’ as Snoop shows off his Adidas Originals Hard Court Defenders 👟

ALL HAIL THE KING! Snoop Lion was king of LA in a new Adidas Originals Hard Court Defenders Video (buy them here) Exclusive to Foot Locker.

Snoop Lion, previously known as Snoop Dogg, Snoop, and Snoop Doggy Dogg, filmed the commercial in Venice Beach, California.

Snoop Lion sat on his throne as he filmed a commercial for Adidas and FootLocker with his Here Comes The King” track (watch the full commercial below) but the rapper needed help with his lines as he was fed big white cue cards.

Two gorgeous models joined the 46-year-old star and rapper as several Lion faced flags were waved around him. Wearing a blue and grey Adidas body warmer, grey sweatpants and black sandals, he held on to a silver-headed walking stick before getting up and waving his hands in the air.

The new pair of Adidas sneakers was then delivered by a FootLocker employee to the singer where he said his lines. In between takes, he walked to and from his trailer with his bodyguards and a female assistant. The commercial was shot on the basketball courts of Venice Beach, California.

Snoop Lion Trivia: Snoop re-popularized the use of ‘izzle speak’, particularly in the pop and hip-hop music industry.

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