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VIDEO: Common Talks About Supporting The Women’s March 🎤

The ‘Respect Rally’ honored the one-year anniversary of the national Women’s Marches

Rapper, actor, poet and film producer Common talks about his support for the Women’s March in Sundance, the ‘Respect Rally’. After running into a friend on Main Street at the snowy Film Festival, the two also posed for pictures.

Common was in Park City, Utah, promoting his new film The Tale which is the first film at this year’s festival to receive a standing ovation. The film stars Laura Dern and chronicles the sexual abuse suffered by documentarian Jennifer Fox. Unfortunately, Dern was unable to attend due to terrible flu.

WATCH: Common Starts A Snowball Fight! ☃

Common Trivia: Common used to be vegan, but is now a pescetarian.

Written by Connor Claire

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