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VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Stops To Sign While Mia Wasikowska Rushes Off 🖊️

Autograph hunters couldn’t get enough of him 📝

Mia Wasikowska looked to be in a rush as she and Robert Pattinson left the Deadline studio at the Sundance Film Festival.

Robert Pattinson Damsel Style Sunglasses Winter Coat Rpattz Sundance Film Festival 2018
Robert Pattinson walked with his female friend and assistant at Sundance 2018 © Atlantic Images

Though his assistant said they have to get moving, R-Patz stopped to sign for the large crowd. Robert and Mia were promoting their new quirky Western Damsel which also stars Robert Forster and the filmmaker-brothers David and Nathan Zellner who also wrote and directed the film.

#RPatz who famously dated Kristen Stewart wore burgundy trousers as he then strolled to a gifting suite in Park City, Utah, during the yearly Sundance Film Festival. 

Robert Pattinson Trivia: Robert Pattinson is also a musician and contributed a couple songs to the Twilight soundtrack! He also had composer Carter Burwell teach him the piano piece “Bella’s Lullaby” so he could actually play it in the scene.

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