What divorce? Melissa Benoist Looked Overjoyed Leaping Around The Supergirl Set 👊

Supergirl was back to fighting crime and even dancing on set!

Melissa Benoist looked overjoyed to be back to work when she was pictured leaping around the Supergirl set in Vancouver, Canada.

Melissa Benoist Supergirl Revealing Costume Filming Vancouver Fighting Crime
Hi there! Supergirl surprises some black masked criminals on set of the hit CW show © Atlantic Images

Melissa wore her red iconic and revealing Supergirl outfit and kept warm in-between scenes wearing a big winter jacket in the freezing temperatures as they filmed on location.

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The 28-year-old ended her three-year-marriage to her former Glee co-star in December 2016, but she appeared thrilled to be back in costume.

Melissa Benoist Supergirl Revealing Costume Filming Vancouver
Melissa Benoist was in great shape wearing the iconic outfit which features a short skirt © Atlantic Images

Melissa, who even starred in a couple of Supergirl episodes with her soon-to-be ex-hubby, cited “irreconcilable differences” on her divorce papers. 

Melissa was a real-life hero when she caught hold of her assistant who slipped as she arrived to apply make-up to the actress.

Melissa Benoist Supergirl Revealing Costume Filming Vancouver
Melissa Benoist plays Kara Danvers, Supergirl, and Bizarro in the hit CW show! © Atlantic Images

They both shared a laugh on set before returning to filming. Melissa even DANCED with one of her co-stars while they waited around! Check out the EXCLUSIVE video below:

VIDEO: Supergirl Actress Melissa Benoist Dances In Between Takes!

She recently talked to Teen Vogue about her role as Supergirl and compared her costume to Wonder Woman’s! “I don’t understand how Wonder Woman does that without falling out of her bustier. This is very practical and sophisticated, and I like its modesty, too.” Read the full interview below:

TEEN VOGUE: Supergirl Melissa Benoist Opens Up About the Pressures of Playing a Female Superhero, from Sexuality to Comic Fans

Melissa was recently pictured returning to film Season 3 of the hugely popular CW TV show. Check out the pics right here:

PICS: Supergirl Returns for Season 3 And Gives The Heart Sign To Her Crew!

Melissa Benoist Trivia: Melissa Benoist was born in Littleton, Colorado and rose to fame playing Marley Rose in the Fox musical comedy-drama television series Glee.


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