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EXCLUSIVE: Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Are Back Together Paddleboarding In California! 🏄‍♀️

The former couple looked to be having a great time as they hit the waves together!

Former couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted spending time back together as they hit a beach in California to go paddleboarding!

Orlando Bloom Katy Perry Paddleboarding Couple Back Together
Back together? Katy Perry put on a bikini and joined a toned Orlando Bloom on a beach in California to go paddle boarding! © Atlantic Images / Strictly No Use or Reposting Without Permission / Contact [email protected] for usage

The 32-year-old pop star wore a stripy bikini while the 40-year-old British actor went topless showing off his toned physique.

All pictures are copyrighted by © Atlantic Images Strictly No Use / Reposting Without Permission – contact [email protected] for usage

The couple split up in March 2017 but were recently spotted together at an Ed Sheeran concert in Los Angeles. Here the two of them decided to hit the waves and they paddled into the distance on their boards.

Katy looked in great shape in her two-piece swimsuit and held onto a paddle as topless Orlando carried his board into the sea.

He was seen days after the split from Katy signing autographs for fans. Check out the video here:

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Twitter lit up after the couple were spotted at the Ed Sheeran concert at the Staples Center. One fan tweeted: “People at the Ed Sheeran concert said Orlando and Katy were kissing and she was sitting on him omg lmao.”

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Another fan added: “Orlando Bloom& Katy Perry walked right past me backstage at Ed’s concert tonight…. interesting.”

Katy Perry Trivia: Katy Perry’s real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and has one brother David who is a singer and an older sister called Angela.

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