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Bear Grylls ‘Running Wild’ Star Vanessa Hudgens Survives Rattlesnake & Even Carries Her Own Luggage 👜

The ‘High School Musical’ star is set to star on ‘Running Wild’ with Bear Grylls on NBC

Vanessa Hudgens is set to star on NBC’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls where she reportedly survives an encounter with a rattlesnake!

Running Wild Bear Grylls Vanessa Hudgens Season 3 Glam Vs Wild Facebook Posts
Running Wild with Bear Grylls starring Vanessa Hudgens in Season 3 Abseiling down a cliff! Photo courtesy of @NBCRunningWild / Facebook

But the 28-year-old also showed she is now no diva carrying her own luggage while leaving a hotel in Los Angeles.

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Wearing a beautiful and flowing flower patterned shirt and jeans the High School Musical actress carried TWO bags herself, one suede and one leather, complimenting her shirt with gold jewelry. 

Vanessa was joined by Aly Michalka who starred in Bandslam with Vanessa back 2009 which was also called High School Rock. Check out pics of Vanessa Hudgens on Running Wild with Bear Grylls with a bloodied cut on her face!

Running Wild Bear Grylls Vanessa Hudgens Season 3 Glam Vs Wild Facebook Posts
Running Wild with Bear Grylls starring Vanessa Hudgens in Season 3 Glam Vs Wild! Photo courtesy of @NBCRunningWild / Facebook

First Look: Vanessa Hudgens Appears On “Running Wild With Bear Grylls”

Aly Michalka wore a black leather jacket over a red shirt and is currently starring in the TV series iZombie.

Alyson Michalka Vanessa Hudgens Bandslam Costars
Alyson Michalka and Vanessa Hudgens both carried their own bags as the pair left a hotel in Los Angeles © Atlantic Images

Aly has a sister called AJ who sang with her in the band called 78Violet. They even have their own Twitter account: Aly & AJ Twitter account

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Vanessa famously dated High School Musical co-star Zac Efron, who you can check out sipping on a Jamba Juice above in our video.

Vanessa Hudgens Austin Butler Hand on Legs New York Fashion Week
Cheeky! Austin Butler had his hand on girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens leg at the New York Fashion Show! Photo courtesy of @thekeyofstyle / Instagram

She was recently pictured at New York Fashion Week with boyfriend Austin Butler who had his hand on her knee as she wore a short dress and showed off her abs! Check out more celebrity couple news below:

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Vanessa Hudgens is set to star on Running Wild With Bear Grylls on September 16th in the third season of the show.

Vanessa Hudgens Flower Shirt Fashion Carrying Bags Luggage
Vanessa Hudgens wore a beautiful flowing flower patterned shirt and jeans carrying her own bags! © Atlantic Images

Celebrities and stars on the show include Julia Roberts, Nick Jonas, Julianna Hough, Courteney Cox and even Barack Obama

Vanessa Hudgens Trivia: Vanessa Hudgens has a younger sister, Stella Hudgens, who is also an actress.

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