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VIDEO: Mel Gibson Wants Everyone to Have A Nice Day 👍

Mel is set to direct a remake of The Wild Bunch ?

Mel Gibson had a huge smile on his face as he touched down at LAX Airport wearing a California flag baseball cap and sunglasses.

With a thumbs up and chatting with the photographers, he said “Have a nice day guys” after they all agreed not to snap his family after the long flight.

It was just announced that Mel with direct and co-write the wild west movie The Wild Bunch. Sam Peckinpah directed the 1969 original.

"Have a nice day Guys"! Has Mel Gibson ever looked so happy? © The Mega Agency
“Have a nice day Guys”! Has Mel Gibson ever looked so happy? © The Mega Agency

Mel Gibson Trivia: Despite his Australian upbringing Mel Gibson was born in New York and is an American.

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