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EXCLUSIVE: Ben Affleck’s “Tea-Total” Date with Lindsay Shookus ☕️

Ben Affleck recently enjoyed a very cozy and sober date with his girlfriend Lindsay Shookus and CelebrityWotNot has all the exclusive details 🤔

Ben Affleck celebrated the premiere of his new movie Triple Frontier on March 3rd at the after party at The Appel Room at the Lincoln Center in New York.  But forget booze and scantily clad women because all he was interested in was a cup of tea and a cuddle with his SNL squeeze.

Ben Affleck enjoyed a very cozy and sober date with girlfriend Lindsay Shookus in NYC © Atlantic Images / @shookusshookus / Instagram
Ben Affleck enjoyed a very cozy and sober date with girlfriend Lindsay Shookus in NYC © Atlantic Images / @shookusshookus / Instagram

An eyewitness said: “He was sipping tea from a china cup and snuggling up to Lindsay Shookus on a sofa at the back of the party.” The insider says his girlfriend, who he recently got back together with after several months apart, supported his sobriety by drinking water from a wine glass.

They didn’t seem to be taking their romance slowly either since they were “very hands-on. They kept just staring into each other’s eyes and cuddling and kissing. Some of the other guests would stop by to say hello but they didn’t leave each other’s side and as soon as their friends walked away they were back in each other’s arms again.”

Ben kept his distance from his co-stars, Garrett Hedlund, Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac, and Pedro Pascal too. “They were all there but Ben wasn’t interested in hitting the dance floor or the bar with them. All he seemed interested in was Lindsay and his cup of tea.”

The Appel Room is located at Broadway at 60th Street, 6th floor, Lincoln Center, 10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019, USA.

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