Scully Survives! X-Files Star Gillian Anderson Films A Car Crash Scene With Mystery Agent Saving Her 👽

The NEW X-Files Season 11 began filming with an action-packed opening

X-Files Season 11 Filming Dana Scully Gillian Anderson Car Crash Scene Bleeding
Dana Scully was seen getting into a car crash before being helped out of the car with blood on her face for The X-Files Season 11 © Atlantic Images / MEGA

Gillian Anderson was back to filming as the iconic Dana Scully filming the new season of The X-FilesDana Scully was seen getting into a car crash before being helped out of the car with blood on her face by what looked like a friendly fellow FBI agent.

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A crowd had gathered around them with Scully falling into the agent’s arms with cuts and bruises on her head. The X-Files Season 11 is directed by Chris Carter who was also spotted on set taking a break for lunch with a sandwich in his hand.

Gillian was later seen with a big smile on her face carrying an umbrella as she took a break between scenes. David Duchovny was not on set who famously plays Fox Mulder but he was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he and Gillian recalled meeting for the first time while they were auditioning for their roles on The X-Files. See the video here:

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Live David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson on Getting Their X-Files Roles

Two more stars were announced to be joining The X-Files Season 11 from the previous season: Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose will reprise their roles and the air date will be in 2018. New characters were also seen on set of Deadpool 2 in Vancouver, Canada. Check out the mystery characters here:

PICS: Deadpool 2 New Characters On Set: Cable And Domino Joined By Mystery Figures

TRIVIA: According to BuzzFeed “Creator Chris Carter came up with the idea for The X-Files when he read a report saying 3.7 million people have claimed to have been abducted by aliens.”

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