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Born To Win! Floyd Mayweather Celebrates In Style In $4 MILLION Bugatti Sports Car & Boastful T-Shirt! ?

The 50-0 Boxing superstar pictured heading to his strip club ‘Girl Collection’ in Las Vegas after fight ?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was pictured in his $4 million Bugatti sports car just hours after he beat Irish star Conor McGregor in one of the richest boxing fights the world has seen.

Floyd Mayweather Leaving McGregor Fight Bugatti Sportscar T-Shirt
Floyd Mayweather pictured in his Bugatti sports car after beating Conor McGregor and heading to strip club Girl Collection – More FREE Celebrity Images on

The 40-year-old boxing champ was seen behind the wheel of his bright red Bugatti wearing a t-shirt that read “Born to Win” and “Rich at Heart” written on it.

Wearing a huge watch on his wrist he climbed out of his ride in his TMT shirt and headed to his own strip club called ‘Girl Collection’ to celebrate his historic win.

VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather in a Vegas Club with his Money Bag!

Floyd Mayweather Jr Beat Conor McGregor in 10 rounds after the fight was stopped giving Floyd an undefeated 50-0 record.

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Floyd Mayweather Trivia: In 2008, Floyd Mayweather appeared on WrestleMania XXIV and fought Big Show. He recorded a rap song titled “Yep” for his entrance!

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