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The Rock & Neve Campbell Film Final Scenes For Skyscraper 2018 🌆

The Hollywood Blockbuster stars Dwayne Johnson playing Will Ford 🏙️

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was spotted filming final scenes for the upcoming blockbuster Skyscraper in Vancouver, Canada!

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Filming Skyscraper
The Rock filming the new Blockbuster ‘Skyscraper’ in Downtown, Vancouver © Atlantic Images/MEGA

The scenes, which involved co-star and Scream actress Neve Campbell depicted Dwayne Johnson helping somebody out of a helicopter.

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Dwayne was covered in dirt as he helped what appeared to be a member of the public out of the helicopter after being rescued in what appeared to be the Skyscraper ending. 

The Rock battled against a burning building, set in China to rescue his family. Scream star Neve Campbell also joined production and appeared bruised and battered on set of Skyscraper filming in Vancouver, Canada.

VIDEO: The Rock and Neve Campbell Film Action Scenes for Skyscraper 2018

The Rock, who has 94.7 million followers on Instagram also posted from the Skyscraper set, where he appeared to struggle against one of the villains of the film.

The Rock Skyscraper Instagram
The Rock Posts a picture on set of new film Skyscraper 2018. Photo Courtesy of @therock/Instagram

Dwayne followed the post up with some artwork while wearing a t-shirt that read ‘The Wolf is always scratching’.

The Rock Instagram
The Rock Instagrams his Artwork. Photo Courtesy of @therock/Instagram

The Rock has been very appreciative to his fans who have stuck out long hours to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood and Wrestling superstar, posing for group pictures and Instagramming to his many followers about how much he appreciates them.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Filming Skyscraper
The Rock Films Action Scenes in Downtown, Vancouver for new Blockbuster Skyscraper © Atlantic Images/MEGA

DJ also gave a shout out to the city of Vancouver saying “There’s so much love on this set, but the most important love, the biggest love that I have to share with you is kind of right over my right shoulder,” Johnson said, before instructing the camera operator to focus in on the sign.

PICS: The ROCK and NEVE CAMPBELL begin filming Skyscraper in Vancouver, Canada

Dwayne was filming in the suburb of Surrey for the weekend and gave a shout out to the many crew that made the shoot possible. The Rock was seen filming scenes with Neve earlier in the production check out the pics above. 

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