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Celebisolation: Celebs Going “Au Natural” + Corona Cuts 💇‍♂️

Coronavirus lockdown is leaving a lot of us looking a little less polished than normal, and that includes celebrities! 😷

Without their glam squads, celebs are having to embrace their grey hair and forgo their weekly pedicures. But while some are opting for “au natural” others are reaching for whatever quick fixes they’ve got lurking in their bathroom cabinets and creating quirky new looks.

Here are Celebrity WotNot’s favorite Celebrity Coronavirus COVID-19 isolation transformations. But are they for better, or for worse?

Jessica Simpson Self-Isolation Sweats

Jessica Simpson admits it herself! She looks a little different nowadays. The billionaire mum-of-three has completely give up on makeup during lockdown. She’s switched her designer duds for sweats and she looks pretty happy about it too joking “Housewife of the Year looks a little different these days 😜”

Tallulah Willis Coronavirus Buzzcut!

Hair today, gone tomorrow! Tallulah Willis now bears a striking resemblance to her mum, Demi Moore in GI Jane as she’s opted for a buzzcut. Her dad Bruce Willis did the razor duties and did away with her hair leaving her lock-less.

Armie Hammer’s Made-At-Home Mohawk

Is that really Armie Hammer behind the mohawk, 70’s facial hair and cropped t-shirt? Yes, it is. He went wild with the clippers but insisted “I’m fine” and “Killing the game.” What do you think?

Ryan Reynolds Self-Isolation Stubble + “Conquer Covid-19”

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is getting grayer by the day, but it looks like this is a rugged look he can pull off. Lets see if sticks to salt and pepper stubble or if he opts for a full on beard.

We also have lots of great footage of Ryan Reynolds on set of Deadpool in Vancouver, Canada.

VIDEO: Behind-The-Scenes Of Deadpool Filming in Vancouver

Ricky Martin “Red Passion” Pink Hair!

Ricky Martin was rocking pink hair after he dyed his locks while in lockdown. Ricky wrote serious message on the fun post: 

“CV. Si no es estrictamente necesario o seas de las personas que trabajan incansablemente para asistir, detener, mejorar, combatir este virus, por favor te ruego que no salgas a la calle. Todo dentro de tus posibilidades, pero todos tenemos que poner de nuestra parte. La vida de todos depende de eso. #yomequedoencasa

This translates as:

“If it is not strictly necessary or you are one of the people who work tirelessly to assist, stop, improve, combat this virus, please do not go out on the street. Everything within your means, but we all have to do our part. Everyone’s life depends on it”.

But maybe he wasn’t so keen on the ‘Red Passion’ colour, chosen by one of his children, because a few days later he simply shaved it all off. Ricky commented: “Ese nene que está ahí…… mi chulería. #Matteo

Chris Noth’s Corona Cut

Sex and The City’s Chris Noth debuted a dramatic new look via social media after he shaved all his hair off and it looks like Carrie approves! His former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker was quick to comment on his Instagram post, writing: “Why did you wait so long?”.

Kelly Brook’s Celebrity Coronavirus Date Night In Lockdown

Isolation seems to suit Kelly Brook who looks better than ever during lockdown, even while lounging around in the back garden in her dressing gown.

Want to see more exclusive Kelly Brook Pics? Then head over to our FREE celebrity Galleries of Kelly Brook where she is pictured going through a beach workout, revealing bike ride wearing a very short skirt and generally looking stunning!

We also have an EXCLUSIVE video of Kelly Brook being put through a rigorous exercise regime by a private trainer as she hit the beach in Los Angeles.

The British model/actress showed off a colorful workout bra underneath a revealing grey top that showed beachgoers her cleavage.

VIDEO: Kelly Brook’s Rigorous Workout Routine! Los Angeles

Bella Thorne’s #StayHomeDontDate Message

She’s no stranger to wild, wacky and often racy looks so we barely recognized Bella Thorne who has toned it down during quarantine. Holding up a sign that had the hashtag #StayHomeDontDate with her message reading:

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I’m signing the “Stay Home, Don’t Date” petition on to encourage everyone to continue practicing safe, physical distancing, especially those of you who are tempted to go out and date! Even though we are separated physically, it doesn’t mean that we have to feel alone. As a part of this petition, I’m taking the “I’m Live with Friends” challenge that I’ll be posting later. Snap a picture of yourself live chatting with friends and post it using #IMLIVEWITHFRIENDS, tag @ImLivewithFriends, and challenge 3 others to do the same. Let’s show the world how we’re staying home but still socially connecting with friends. In return, ImLive is donating $1 for every person who completes the challenge to Covid-19 relief! Remember, Stay home, don’t date! @stayhomedontdate


Taraji P Henson Coronavirus Makes Her See Red!

Empire star Taraji P Henson fancies herself as a bit of a hairdresser and vamped up her look by dying her hair bright red.

“COVID 19 got me doing my own glam from head to toe!!!!” she admitted.”

Mark Wahlberg Celebrity Coronavirus Makeover Video

Dad-of-four Mark Wahlberg let his 10-year-old daughter Grace take the reigns when it came to his Celebrity Coronavirus makeover. During lockdown he allowed her to paint his nails and do his makeup. Parenting points for Mark.

Bella Hadid’s Self-Isolating Sun Trap

Isolation or not, we’re pretty sure Bella Hadid’s social media feed doesn’t have time for bad photos. She’s not got a catwalk to showcase her model physique but she’s still flaunting her makeup free lockdown snaps with her fans in a white bikini. She commented on the snap” “Lucky 🍀 to get some Vitamin D☀️🌼”

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You can also find lots of good information on the World Health Organization website. Visit it here:

WHO Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

Written by Hannah Hargrave

A newly relocated mum from Los Angeles to rural England on a mission to find all things trendy that rural living has to offer.

Hannah has written for some of the top entertainment publications including People Magazine, US weekly, Livestrong and now has her very own blog. She is the assistant editor at Celebrity WotNot.

Her '' is dedicated to bidding farewell to Hollywood and discovering the bright lights of the English countryside!

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