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Kate Middleton In A Really Wild Sweater With A REALLY Wild Fish! 🎣

Kate found her sea legs and handled a huge fish on a fishing trip with Prince William

Kate Middleton looked like she had really found her sea legs with a huge smile on her face as she boarded the Highland Ranger fishing vessel with husband Prince William in Haida Gwaii, Canada.

Kate Middleton Prince William Fishing Trip Really Wild Red Sweater Royal Tour Canada
We’re gonna need a bigger boat! Will & Kate were joined by several locals on the fishing boat Click here to license these pictures and story © Atlantic Images

The Duchess of Cambridge was perfectly color coordinated after changing into a warm, red jumper, a patriotic cashmere mix crew neck jumper costing around £195 from Really Wild.

All pictures are copyrighted by © Atlantic Images Strictly No Use / Reposting Without Permission

The Royal couple donned lifejackets and heading out on the Hecate Strait with one young recruit looking delighted to be in the presence of royalty watching Kate handle the huge fish.

She matched the jumper with R.Soles Cowboy boots and Zara jeans. She had also been canoeing with Prince William. See the video of Will & Kate below on the boat as well as them paddling in a canoe!

VIDEO: Will & Kate Wear Otter Fur, Paddle in a War Canoe and Fish for Salmon: THE ROYALS IN CANADA

The couple were married in a public ceremony at Westminster Abbey in 2011 and was filmed live across the world. Prince William told the UK Press Association about how he proposed to Kate and she confessed that it was a surprise saying:

No, not at all because we were out with friends and things so I really didn’t expect it all. I thought he might have maybe thought about it, but no. It was a total shock when it came, and very excited.

Kate Middleton Prince William Fishing Trip Really Wild Red Sweater Royal Tour Canada
William looked on while Kate helped out on the Haida Gwaii Highland Ranger © Atlantic Images

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Kate Middleton Trivia: According to Wikipedia upon marriage, Catherine became known as Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge BUT a fuller version of her title and style is Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn and Lady Carrickfergus.

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