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VIDEO: Wee Man Cruising Down Sunset Blvd ?

The Jackass star rocked out in his classic ’62 Lowrider Chevy ?

Jackass star Wee Man took a female friend for a spin in his classic ’62 Chevy Impala. The Jackass prankster was seen cruising down Sunset Blvd with his windows down as his female passenger wrapped her arm around him. 

We don’t know a whole lot about cars but apparently, Wee-Man has integrated his Lowrider Impala into his daily routine with the help of the AccuAir e-Level Control System which leaves Wee Man plenty of room to haul around his skateboards. Its functionality lets him traverse steep driveways around the city. Sounds good for a lowrider!

In 2012, Wee Man, whose real name is Jason Shannon Acuña, starred in Elf-Man, as the title character.  The company that produced the film tried to boost their revenue through mass-lawsuits targeted at over 200 alleged BitTorrent users who downloaded the direct-to-video holiday film. Wee Man tweeted his response to these lawsuits:

Wee Man Tweet regarding Elf-Man lawsuit
Wee Man Doesn’t Seem To Agree With The Lawsuits © Atlantic Images / Twitter

Wee Man’s tweet reads: “My representation has spoken to them.. I’m not backing it at all.. Has NOTHING to do w/ me!! It’s all them..”

Wee Man Trivia: Wee Man was born in Pisa, Italy, and is of German and Mexican descent. He is also an owner of a franchise store of the Chronic Tacos restaurant.

Written by Connor Claire

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