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VIDEO: Jessica Chastain Fumbles In Her Handbag For Keys 👜

Then greets fans in LBD and glowing smile at the Spirit Awards

Jessica Chastain, who is married to the fashion executive Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, fumbled in her handbag before pulling out her car keys.

The stunning redhead is then seen greeting fans in the most gracious & friendly way at the Spirit Awards. The 40-year-old beauty has recently expressed that she would like to appear in Part 2 of the It remake as the adult Beverly (young Bev is played by Sophia Lillis) – and so have everyone else! 

Following the recent sexual abuse scandals in Hollywood and her own calling out of Brian Singer (who is producing her upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix), the actress was quoted as saying:

I made a decision very early on to not work with people that I felt abused their positions and didn’t create a healthy environment for those around them.

Check out the trailer for her new film Molly’s Game.

Jessica Chastain Trivia: Jessica Chastain manages all her own social media accounts.

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