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VIDEO: Elijah Wood Gets Mobbed With Girlfriend at Sundance 🤳🏽

Dirk Gently actor calls someone to help with fan madness

Elijah Wood wore a navy parka jacket and brown scarf as he wrapped up warm in snowy Park City for the Sundance Film Festival. The 36-year-old actor hit up the gifting suites along Main Street but had to make a phone call to help as fans started to swarm him.

Elijah Wood and then-girlfriend Pamela Racine were doing the rounds at the Sundance Film Festival and Elijah, sporting a leather bag also showed off a Lord of the Rings style ring on his right hand. Wood and Racine dated from 2005 to 2010. 

Elijah Wood on iphone walks along wintery street with Pamela Racine
Elijah Wood & Pamela Racine starred in ‘Everything is Illuminated’ (2005) © Atlantic Images

As of late autumn 2016, Wood co-stars in the series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Elijah is best known for his roles in the hit franchise Lord of the Rings and his arrival was met with dozens of fans excited to get a picture of the star and an autograph at the yearly Park City Festival. 

Elijah Wood Trivia: The actor made his film debut with a minor part in Back to the Future Part II (1989).

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