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Shailene Woodley Confuses Fans: Does She Mean “Breath” or “Breathe”?! ?

Shailene Woodley may want to take a deep breath because her grammar has got her Instagram fans all confused

“Breath” or “breathe”? It can be confusing for anyone and that includes a certain A-lister.  While enjoying Shailene Woodley’s Instagram, along with her 2.6 million followers, CelebrityWotNot couldn’t help but notice the Big Little Lies beauty can’t seem to get her words right.

Shailene Woodley Breath Instagram Breathe Bathtub Topless
Don’t get cold! Shailene Woodley naked in a bathtub posting “finding ways to celebrate small moments and breath” on her Instagram account. Picture courtesy of @shailenewoodley / Instagram

Breathe is the simple act of breathing in and out, while breath is, to quote the English dictionary; “the air taken into or expelled from the lungs”.

Shailene Woodley Breath Instagram Breathe
Shailene Woodley posted “breath.” on her Instagram account confusing fans! Picture courtesy of @shailenewoodley / Instagram

So when Shailene posted a photo of herself naked in a bathtub without any clothes on admiring a gorgeous ocean view and captioned it: “Finding ways to celebrate small moments and breath” it was clear she’d been too engrossed by her beautiful surroundings to notice her error.

But it turns out she’s made the mix-up before. After she captioned another image of the view from a cabin in the hills of New Zealand with the word “breath” she was corrected by some seemingly irritated followers.

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“I breathe thanks,” wrote one, while another quipped: “Just breathe and go vegan.” Others simply wrote: “*Breathe”.

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Luckily for Shailene, though most of her fans are more focused on how much they adore her rather than her spelling!

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Shailene Woodley Trivia: Shailene Woodley’s dad, Lonnie Woodley, was a school principal.

Written by Hannah Hargrave

A newly relocated mum from Los Angeles to rural England on a mission to find all things trendy that rural living has to offer.

Hannah has written for some of the top entertainment publications including People Magazine, US weekly, Livestrong and now has her very own blog. She is the assistant editor at Celebrity WotNot.

Her '' is dedicated to bidding farewell to Hollywood and discovering the bright lights of the English countryside!

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