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AbraKEBABra! Colin Farrell’s £8 Kebab Craving Revealed 🌯

He might be an A-list Hollywood star but some things never change for Colin Farrell – specifically his love of kebabs and a specific Irish pub ?

Colin Farrell, who is busy promoting his new movie Dumbo, has Michelin Star restaurants on his LA doorstep but prefers an £8 meaty fast food fix from his local Irish kebab shop instead.

“Kebab, large chips, and a coke, it’s the same thing every time,” says the source who spoke to the actor in Hollywood where he took the conversation on a tangent about Abrakebabra his favorite kebab shop in Dublin located at 66 Dame St, Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland.

“I asked him what the first thing he does when he goes back to Ireland is and I expected him to say “visit family or friends”. But he said he gets his car or taxi to take him to the kebab shop on the way from the airport.”

Colin even has a gold card for the eatery which has been a favorite of his for 25-years! “He’s probably spent more there than he has at ‘The Ivy’ – but they still don’t give him a regular’s discount!”

However, the Kebab shop posted this hilarious message on Facebook:


Unfortunately, after long deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to revoke Colin Farrell‘s Abrakebabra Gold Card due to abuse of power over the course of the last number of months.

Members of staff from multiple Abrakebabra locations across the country have reported “experiences” of Mr. Farrell in a deep state of insatiable hunger that concerned staff and customers alike. Reports describe a zombie-like Farrell even going as far as diving over the counter to take a bite out of the lamb doner rotisserie on one occasion.

On lookers were horrified to witness Farrell rave erratically and be highly disoriented leaving the scene of the incidents, one woman describing him as being “kebab wasted”. Another man depicted Colin like a ravage animal with tomato and chilli kebab sauce dripping from his tensed jaws like blood from a werewolf. “I guess the kebabs have him now”, one man said as he sighed.

We think this set of circumstances should serve as a warning to all Gold Card holders to use their card responsibly, and not to underestimate the lure and addiction of the Doner.

At the same time, Colin revealed his favorite Irish pub too. The sober actor admitted to the insider: “My favorite bar in Dublin is Slattery’s”

The popular pub is located at 62 Grand Canal Street Upper, Beggar’s Bush, Dublin, D04 T295, Ireland and you can check out our Celebrity “PapMap” for the location and other Celebrity HotSpots.

Colin Farrell Trivia: Colin Farrell’s dad ran a health food shop – oh the irony!

Written by Hannah Hargrave

A newly relocated mum from Los Angeles to rural England on a mission to find all things trendy that rural living has to offer.

Hannah has written for some of the top entertainment publications including People Magazine, US weekly, Livestrong and now has her very own blog. She is the assistant editor at Celebrity WotNot.

Her '' is dedicated to bidding farewell to Hollywood and discovering the bright lights of the English countryside!

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