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Benoist Blowing Bubbles! Supergirl Melissa Benoist Takes a Break Chewing Gum While Filming The Flash Season 4

Wearing a winter coat Melissa popped bubbles between scenes for the highly anticipated wedding of Barry Allen & Iris West!

Melissa Benoist Supergirl Filming The Flash Wedding Bubble Gum Story Season 4
Melissa Benoist AKA Supergirl blows some bubble gum bubbles as she waits on set of The Flash Season 4 at the highly anticipated wedding between Barry Allen and Iris West © Atlantic Images / Mega

Melissa Benoist was spotted blowing bubbles as the 29 year old actress relaxed between scenes on set of The Flash for the wedding of Barry Allen & Iris West!

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With the gum sticking out of her mouth the Supergirl star wore a big winter coat and was seen rushing from her car as she braved the cold conditions in Vancouver, Canada. 

Melissa was spotted swapping her iconic Supergirl costume for a pretty pink dress as she attended THE WEDDING of Barry Allen AKA The Flash and Iris West! Iris, played by Candice Patton, was pictured in a wedding dress as she headed to get married to Barry Allen AKA The Flash! But things did not go well even though the sign outside the church even stated: “The Wedding of Barry Allen & Irish West Congratulations to The Happy Couple” – which wasn’t lived for too long! Check out our video below:

VIDEO: The Flash Wedding: Supergirl Arrives Disaster Strikes – Season 4

Melissa Benoist AKA Supergirl AKA Kara Zor-El was joined by Alex Danvers, played by Chyler Leigh, outside the steps of a St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Church with Supergirl / Kara Zor-El matching her glittering silver crystal with red lipstick, black framed sunglasses and a matching pink sparkly clutch handbag. The sign even stated outside the church: “The Wedding of Barry Allen & Irish West Congratulations to The Happy Couple”. Check out the pics below:

PICS: SPOILER ALERT! Supergirl Attends The Flash’s Wedding To Iris West In Season 4!

To re-cap, Barry Allen was spotted kissing Iris West  in Season 4 Finale of The Flash. He was seen saying goodbye to friends before walking off with a mystery redhead while on-screen girlfriend was in tears.

Melissa Benoist Trivia: Colorado native Melissa has just been cast in Waco a miniseries about the Waco Seige in Texas in 1993. She plays the wife, Rachel Koresh,  of  Branch Davidian leader David Koresh

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