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Will Lady Gaga Wear White…Or Black For Her Wedding?💍

We know she’s wacky but at CelebrityWotNot we can’t help but wonder what she’ll wear on her big day?

Lady Gaga, the quirky songstress, is reportedly set to walk down the aisle with her boyfriend, Christian Carino, but will she surprise everyone by going traditional or will we see her saying ‘I Do’ in her most outrageous outfit to date?

US Weekly broke the news stating that the couple got engaged over the summer.

Lady Gaga Engaged
Lady Gaga is reportedly engaged but will she wear black or white down the aisle?! © Atlantic Images

Let’s weigh it up! A big hint to the traditional is the fact her favorite accessory of all time is her own mother’s wedding dress.

Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour Vancouver Canada © Atlantic Images
Lady Gaga greets fans outside Rogers Arena after opening night of Joanne World Tour © Atlantic Images

Gaga has also toned down her style over the last year, saying her crazy fashion sense was distracting from her music.

Lady Gaga had trouble with her hair wearing a white half-gown, half-jumpsuit outfit at an Oscar after party
Lady Gaga had trouble with her hair wearing a white half-gown, half-jumpsuit outfit at an Oscar after party © Atlantic Images

This could well be the case for her wedding day attire. Less could definitely be more!

Lady Gaga Heels Boyfriend Christian Carino Heels Ray-Ban Batman T-Shirt Vancouver © Atlantic Images
Let’s go Batman! Fiance Christian Carino and Lady Gaga both went for skin-tight exercise leggings leaving little to the imagination! © Atlantic Images

But then again just last year when she was preparing to wed her longtime love, Taylor Kinney, she said her dress was going to be “totally for Taylor”.

LAdy Gaga American Horror Story Black Dress Goth Abduction Scene
Lady Gaga looks sinister on the set of American Horror Story. Gaga wore the all-black outfit with a parasol as she filmed scenes where she lured a small child who is the son of the lead character in the series © Atlantic Images

Given her new beau appears to have a more vampy aesthetic than Taylor, outrageous could be on the cards.

Lady Gaga Engaged Gown Jumpsuit Brandon Maxwell
Lady Gaga wore a half-gown, half-jumpsuit white outfit by designer Brandon Maxwell at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party © Atlantic Images

Check out the gallery of Gaga’s style evolution and let us know what you think she’ll wear.

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Lady Gaga Trivia: Lady Gaga considers Paris Hilton’s song “Stars Are Blind” to be one of the greatest pop songs of all time. 


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